Session aims:

  1. To learn new vocabulary and understand the chronology of the period.

  2. To understand the changes in the development of tools used by prehistoric people.

  3. To explore prehistoric art and consider why it was made.



Kid Curators

Session aims:

1.Discuss what museums do and why they are important.

2.Learn and use new vocabulary to measure and describe objects.

3.To design and make your own museum


About this resource

1. Here you will find a variety of images to aid reminiscence.

2. The pictures cover a range of topics and time periods


Fantastic Fossils

Session Aims:

1. Learn and use new scientific vocabulary.

2. To understand the process by which fossils are formed.

3. To study and identify types of fossil specimens.

Geology Rocks

Session aims:

1. Learn and use new vocabulary to discuss the rock cycle.

2.Investigate the rock cycle through practical experiments.

3.Apply new knowlege to categorise types of rock.


The Victorians

Session aims:

1. To learn about changes over time through studying Victorian and modern objects.

2. To compare the life of Victorian children with modern children.



Session aims:

1.To discuss how adaptations are brought about by natural selection.

2.Learn and use new vocabulary.

3.To investigate how the environment can influence adaptations.

Tomb Raiders and Mummy makers!

Session aims:

1. Use teamwork to put different kinds of tomb in chronological order.

2. Study grave goods and discuss why Ancient Egyptians were buried with them.

3. Use drawing skills to illustrate what modrn poeple might choose as grave goods.


Romans going potty!

Session aims:

1. Study archaeological material left behind by the Romans in Britian.

2. Learn about how the Romans changed Britain.